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Woman in fitness wear gazing away

     We started in an 800 Sq. Ft 2BHK with four employees. And in between, we scored big and also sometimes struggled during testing times. 

    We have done our best for the best. We have improved and grown. Looking ahead to the future, always remembering where we came from.

    DOS is known for its efficient team leadership, passion to light up new modern products with the latest innovation, and its technologies in end products at a competitive price.


    Our client base is spread across the Indian subcontinent and few other parts of the world. DOS stands for Day On Sports. Our tag line #spiritofwinning has its roots in the sports background of its creator.




ambitious woman jogging in a hoodie



We are a registered brand under Intellectual Property Rights, issued by the Government of India in the year 2019. Certificate of Registration of Trade Mark, Section 23 (2), Rule 56 (1).Trademark no. 4132977.


Entered retail e-commerce sector of through and other dropshipping modes.



   Our objectives have been set for the world where our product should be dominant to the clients with strong leadership, customer satisfaction and to make anyone on the planet feel proud to wear DOS with a  #spiritofwinning. 



   To be the best with the modern innovation towards the end products and to give the best for anyone. 



   Being dominant in the market globally with our values and commitment. 

Core Values 
  • Integrity 

  • Passion 

  • Relationship 

  • Leadership


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